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DIY Morette headlights for Impreza "BLOBEYE"

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Probably everyone knows how difficult it is to find the Impreza "BLOBEYE" Morette headlights. I've been looking for them for a long time, but unfortunately, I didn't find anything suitable. Then I decided, if I can't find it, I'll make it myself! This is how my project came about.

The aim of the project - creation of Morette headlights copies using available light modules. And maybe, the headlights what I make, will be interesting to someone else too

Starting point:
- Subaru Impreza "BLOBEYE"
- the opportunity to borrow original Morette headlamps from a friend
- Skills in working with fiberglass

I will not go into details, therefore below it will be more pictures and just a little text

Ok, Let's go!

1. Making masks copies:

- genuine Morette headlights:

df724c96676et.jpg   6d600872ac46t.jpg

- made fiberglass shapes:


first copy of masks ready:


- sizes identical to an original (my masks on genuine headlights):


to be continued.....

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2. Light module choice:

- Of the available cars with round headlights, the choice is not too large...

ccb75201fd77t.jpg  721ea3e7e4fft.jpg  7c0f706b21b5t.jpg

- For low beam my choice stopped at the BMW E-30 - desired diameter, compact anchorages, available used:


- For high beam,  I did not find anything from known cars in size, therefore I chose Hella universal modules:


Turn indicators - universal Hella modules:


3. Bracket fabrication:

- This will be the most difficult process... copying the original with tape:


Scanned in the computer:


Draw in graphic editor:


- Print and glue it on a metal plate and cut it out:


The "alpha" version of the bracket is ready for measurement:

690ebe3578e0t.jpg  e4d76db1e2fat.jpg

to be continued...

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4. Fitting on the car:

- on the car:


small problem -  not fit the light module:

f888f10499aat.jpg  23cc6ae41646t.jpg


- after all adjustments look of the bracket slightly changed:


Editing file and send it to a laser cutter:


to be continued...

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5. Conclusion...

- cut out, folded, screwed:

0017c91bc008t.jpg   fa7a4e6eee18t.jpg

- painted with black primer:


- on the car:

a3e84c104f36t.jpg   d229af5dc8dat.jpg

87e222984d22t.jpg   c7ef3374503et.jpg

c9e0170dfa9ft.jpg   1c778044bc75t.jpg

- from inside:

960d83132011t.jpg   1b95bcbcb7a9t.jpg

- Work with project "beta" version finished - bracket still need minor improvements, but it will no longer affect the overall look!


Thanks for Your attention 😉!

If any questions, feel free and ask!

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As the title of the topic was the abbreviation "DIY" , so a little about the useful light modules.

1. Low beam:


Low beam (R):
Hella white: 1BL139278001
Hella black: 1BL139800011
Low beam from DEPO: 444-1117 R-LD-E

Low beam (L):
Hella white: 1BL139277001
Hella black: 1BL139799011
Low beam from DEPO: 444-1117 L-LD-E

- Parts for Hella low beam light modules:
     Case with glass (R):
          White: 9BG135942011
          Black: 9BG139802011
     Case with glass (L):
          White: 9BG135941011
          Black: 9BG139801011


     Hella linse L=R: 9DR136958021


Hella low beam modules are switchable LHD or RHD!  About DEPO modules, I don't know.


2. High beam:


High beam, L=R:
Hella chrome: 1K2 006 147-051
Hella black: 1K2 006 147-041
Hella white: 1K2 006 147-031

3 Turn lights:


Turn light, L=R: Hella 2BA008221007


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Continuing  about the "beta" headlamp set...  arranging electrical wires:

4deb856ad12et.jpg   d3be0f50289ft.jpg

705b888499a6t.jpg   748b61c9e3d7t.jpg

What's next!? To continue working, I plan to put this set on sale,  better than DIY (without light modules) -  because the light modules will also be useful for set # 1 😉

Of course,  if there will be interest, I can also sell with all modules and then buy everything again for the next set...

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