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Recently purchased a late 2006 facelift Outback. Very happy as it’s a more comfortable ride than my previous car, plus faster and has a LOT more character. And cheaper to insure. And to buy... I paid a good price for it knowing it would need a little work, inc. suspension work.

Suspension is fine at moderate speeds, albeit a little bouncy. Slight creak/clunk from offside front. Suspect ARB bushes/drop links? Low speeds are where things seem a bit ‘loose’ - I can LCA bushes and drop links when I deal with the suspension...

Back end bouncy at higher speeds. Probably shot shocks, as it’s borderline on the ‘bounce’ test... replacement options? I’ve seen that the Pedders ones (Shocks and springs for rear) are well reviewed as an alternative to the self levelling ones which I presumably have, but they don’t seem available for the front for an all round  fix.

If I’m to replace shocks at rear I may as well do them all round. No concerns about the springs as they seem to support the car well and it’s not bottoming out. 

Other things... slightly sticky boot handle. WD40?

Boot lift piston things slightly juddery. Grease, or replace?

Gearbox and paddles seem to work well. Is transmission worth servicing for peace of mind? Is this DIYable? 

Is there anything else worth doing for peace of mind? Unsure whether AWD system is serviceable.

Answers, thoughts and general ramblings are much appreciated. 

Thanks, Shay. 


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