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  1. There are some good vids on youtube. This one will scare you, it's a GD, but pretty much the same as a GC.
  2. Very nice. I had a '99 wagon with PPP and the Prodrive suspension. Nice and light and very rapid. It would be worth removing the sill covers and clean it all up, it's a sludge trap and rust area in there. Rear strut towers are another risk area, it would be good to drop the struts and treat/paint up there. Mechanically they're tough as old boots, it's rust that kills them.
  3. What a lovely country. Looks like rural Wales, but with palm trees. And sunshine
  4. Actually I've been posting for over a year, and there are quite a few Levorg owners on here
  5. I've had mine since January2020, it's a very good car. Loads of space, very good to drive, well screwed together, lots of safety tech. It's been totally reliable, no problems at all. Plenty of poke, it has the same performance as my old Mercedes 6 cylinder 2.8L E-Class estate. Great handling. Servicing: it's worth getting it done at a Subaru dealer once a year for software updates etc, in your case it would mean an annual trip to Keith Price in Abergavenny. Levorg 1.6 is a very underrated car, the CVT is perfectly matched to the sweet smooth engine, and behaves very differently to other CVTs.
  6. I've been using Continental All Season Contact on my last 2 Subarus. They are great in the wet, snow, and mud, and wear well.
  7. That issue only affects the 2.5 turbo lump from later on. The only thing yours might develop is piston slap when cold, which is nothing to worry about - my old '98 Forester has been doing it for about 10 years. It's now a farm vehicle and still runs ike clockwork at 180000 miles. Pretty much the same engine as yours, strong and simple, easy to work on.
  8. I don't understand why they ditched the turbo 1.6 for the na 2L. It has worse Co2 emissions, less torque, less power, and is no more economical. Perhaps Subaru thought that the bonnet scoop was putting people off, wrong image and all that.... Very underrated car, the Levorg.
  9. I have a 2017 Levorg 1.6 GT, with EyeSight. I changed from the dealer fit WRX STI 18x8.5 wheels with 145/40 tyres that the car came with to very light 17" x 7.5 wheels with 225/50 tyres, to improve the ride and handling. Definite improvement. I have a space saver spare, I like the room it leaves for stuff under the boot floor, and I figured that in the event of a front puncture, I can always swap a rear wheel onto the front and stick the spare on the rear. Having also come from various Outbacks, Imprezas and Foresters, I love this car and the way it drives. The only thing I've added is a throt
  10. I believe so, yes. Apparently it's the best map out of the 3 final years. Pretty sure it would be plug and play, but best check before going ahead. There's probably some more info on this on scoobynet.
  11. I still have a '99 ecu, which is remappable I believe, from my old turbo 2000 (I replaced it with a Prodrive one). Happy to part with it for £30 posted.
  12. flat6


    You should probably read the fault codes to find the current status - there are up to 21 separate fault codes for the system: As long as the 2 valves are closed, it's not necessary to remove them and fit blanks. The air pump itself can also be left in. You just have to remove the 3 fuses relating to the system, and get into the ECU to disable it and remove the codes. My '06 Forester XT had this done at 50k miles, it's currently on 150k with no problems. There is an alternative to re mapping the ECU on non-turbo cars - a simulator box from these people in Aus: https://asukaautopa
  13. Rear subframe mounts ok? These just killed my '98 SF Forester.
  14. flat6


    Yes, secondary air pump. Useless thing. Hopefully the valves are closed, if so, just remove the relevant fuses and get the code mapped out. This will explain it:
  15. Go to, Put in your VIN, you'll get full parts catalogue with diagrams for your particular car.
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