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R Drive Shaft, 2012 JDM 2.0 DIT Wagon


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I'm struggling to find one of these but it may well be the case that the same part is used on UK Legacys and Imprezas of the samer vintage. My JDM part is 28401AJ030. The same part on a UK Impreza is 28401FG030. I've tried unsuccessfully to find the crresponding number on a UK CVT 2.5 Legacy or Outback. Firstly, what does the "AJ" and "FG" characters denote in the part numbers? Secondly, can anyone check the numbers for the UK models or direct me to a reliable online source, and lastly, does anyone have a used part which should fit for sale. All help really appreciated. 

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Thanks, finally found one in Japan from BeForward. Good service and a keen price if you ignore the duty! Typically though, I didn't need it - the stubborn hub which we thought would damage the drive shaft coming off actually gave up more easily than predicted

 So, anyone want a used rear drive shaft? Boxed and untouched as received from Japan. They don't do returns so it's eBay otherwise. £20 plus p & p to club members. Part number as above.

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