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  1. Help/clarification needed for the following - on a 2012 2.0 DIT with the twinscroll FA20 engine, one fuel injector has failed. It refuses to budge at the moment. Using the VIN and Partsouq, the fuel intake diagram shows the injector passing through what looks like a sleeve then finally a seal od some sort. But, neither of those parts are given a part number, just an asterisk. I have obtained a new complete injector via Subaru UK at great cost but fear that when we extract the old one the sleeve will probably be knackered as well. Just to add to the mix, parts diagrams from other online sources
  2. Both to fit UK model and all intended for or taken from our 10 plate WRX-s - steering column cover (2 of) and 5sp gear change mechanism ( replaced with short-shift parts). One of the plastic columns has some scrtach marks, the second like new. The gear change is exactly as removed and undamaged. Photos available if required, noe reasonable offer refused.
  3. Sitting in my garage awaiting new owners are a number of OEM parts from my previous BP5 wagon and my current BRG wagon, including - Mk4 r dr panel, inner CV joint (new), Mk5 tail pipe cutters, windcsreen cowl, f/o/s headlight, CVT gear change stick and r drive shaft. All are undamaged with few signs of age or use. Any sensible offer seriously considfered, collection from h/a EN11, possible for big stuff. Photos of all available if requested.
  4. Thanks, finally found one in Japan from BeForward. Good service and a keen price if you ignore the duty! Typically though, I didn't need it - the stubborn hub which we thought would damage the drive shaft coming off actually gave up more easily than predicted So, anyone want a used rear drive shaft? Boxed and untouched as received from Japan. They don't do returns so it's eBay otherwise. £20 plus p & p to club members. Part number as above.
  5. I'm struggling to find one of these but it may well be the case that the same part is used on UK Legacys and Imprezas of the samer vintage. My JDM part is 28401AJ030. The same part on a UK Impreza is 28401FG030. I've tried unsuccessfully to find the crresponding number on a UK CVT 2.5 Legacy or Outback. Firstly, what does the "AJ" and "FG" characters denote in the part numbers? Secondly, can anyone check the numbers for the UK models or direct me to a reliable online source, and lastly, does anyone have a used part which should fit for sale. All help really appreciated.
  6. Nice blue BP5 we tagged along behind for a few miles in our white BRG estate. Good road after boredom of the M1.
  7. Brief history: Our 2010 WRX-s developed a gearbox whine. Unknown cause but strip down necessary. Found this 'box in Germany with advertised 8km only. Went for it but on arrival, damage to selector shaft. Long-winded dispute with seller who finally declined to collect. So, we're left with car on ramp and 2 unusable 'boxes. Finally repaired original and had this 'box examined, repaired and reconditioned as well. Receipts from professional 'box repairer to verify. Looking for circa £650.
  8. Little used, excellent condition, full height and easy fit with original instructions. New, circa £200, £65, buyer collects from EN11 or agreed meet.
  9. Can anyone help with the location of the cruise control unit and/or part number on my 2012 Legacy?
  10. Hi, I know its been a while since your post but did you find a solution? My Legacy is doing the same thing. I've had it since February and initially all was fine but in the last month or two it just won't stop intermittent wiping on auto despite the screen being clear and no rain falling Thanks for any response.
  11. I'm trying to work out the right way to wire in a Kenwood reversing camera to a Kenwood head unit in my Mk5 Legacy wagon. The harness which comes with the camera has an easy plug connection at the camera end then a yellow plug and two bare wires, red and black at the other end. The yellow plug goes into the appropriate socket at the back of the unit but then I get confused. Also coming out of the back of the head unit is a short wire labelled "reversing sensor". The camera needs power and the head unit needs to know when I select reverse - which wire goes where?
  12. About to have the clutch changed (together with an exchange low mileage 'box) in a 2010 WRX-s that's done about 60k. Bought 6 months old the car has always had a very heavy clutch - commented on by various Subaru mechanics but with no real explanation. Had a new clutch 2 years ago in an attempt to ease the pressure to no avail. No idea what make of clutch was fitted then. So, any suggestions/recommendations for the next clutch. Exedy suggest only one for normal road use which I can get for about £220. It's my wife's car, not driven too hard but it was remapped in 2016 to 284bhp. Thanks in ad
  13. Whining coming from centre diff area which increases with speed. Similar problem on my old BP5 legacy which was solved with this part. It's not cheap so I need convincing it's needed. Anyone had similar problem/solution?
  14. Taken from my 2012 JDM Legacy BRG 2.0GTD DIT. As new, with no damage or marks. Part data shows 91121AJ110 as OEM part number. Typically on the rear of the grille are two other part numbers so take your pick. Postage will be pricey to prevent damage or collection possible if practical. £50 plus p and p.
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