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First Car


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So im looking at my first car, Im 21 and have had my licence for a little while so my insurance isnt too bad. 


I have been looking at both Subaru's and Mitsubishi's. Im swaying more towards Subaru. I know i wont be able to get like a WRX but ive found 2 cars which i like and are in my price range. Could someone please help me in telling me if these are good cars? Im not 100% sure if they are good or not.



This one is the first and main one i saw, with a price like that and miles i really want it. But im unsure if its good quality or has issues. 



This is more expensive but i will save and get if its better. The insurance costs difference is about £5 so not bad. 


Any advice or help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advanced! 

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They both look good on the face of it but description on 2nd one is better. I suspect that's just because the dealer selling the first one is either lazy or doesn't know anything about the car. You need to see them really and check though all the receipts and service history.

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