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2000 forester s turbo sf full exhaust wanted(not standard one)

muckle 28

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hi anyone selling a full system for a fozzy 2000 plate s turbo? not in any hurry as car will be off the road for the winter being worked on.would like full stainless system that will pass an mot. previous  owner frankensteined the exhaust thats on it so need down pipe right the way back.must fit correctly and sound nice:-) and can collect within reasonable distance to north  wales. can sort cash when one comes up. thanks 

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cheers for the reply judd the car is in need of work but it will make it im sure as it just keeps going:-) bought it to bring back to life and recently discovered that it has an exhaust of sorts:-) forester down pipe hacked at cat and grafted onto an impreza mid section which is then sliced and diced onto an evo rear section lol have to say its a !Removed! ambitious attempt to say the least.did that place you had your exhaust done at  take long to fab the new one up and fit? its 130 ish miles each way from mine so fair old drive. please can i have the details of this place mate? thankyou for your help its appreciated


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Hi Tom, I don't believe it just posted a full message and its vanished.

Here we go again, grr.


Had two exhausts made there, first time 5/6 years ago was a really long day, circa 7 hours, they'd obviously overbooked which is understandable as they no doubt get a number of no-shows, this summer we were in and out in 2.5 hours, a few decent little cafes nearby so you can get a bite to eat etc.

See you are in North Wales, my son had his RA engine and box rebuilt not far from you, but i don't know if the chap concerned is still into Subarus, we are talking probably 10 or more years ago, he used to prepare and rally his own cars and know his classics, if he's still the owner of the business he might have something that would suit you and a lot closer to home.

His name is John and its Dutton Tyres, Gronant Rd, Bryn Newydd, Prestatyn 01745 852441...you might think a long way from here Northants to his place and it was, but luckily both Russ and i drove car transporters for a living then so whoever was going up there stuck the Subaru on top, if you get to see him for any reason please pass on Brian's (Russell's dad) regards.


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