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Catalytic converter


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My 2007 2.5 subaru impreza wrx keeps failing its emissions badly. Its been de cat'ed and i am struggling to find anywhere i can get one. Been told it will need a sport cat ? Or a high flow cat. Any help would be appreciated 


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On 10/13/2020 at 7:11 PM, ROSSCOSM said:

You might get a used sports cat from breakers there jdm solutions and mb developments you could try on facebook or have a look on ebay. You can buy sports cat new from likes of scoobyworld or scoobywork and a few more not very cheap new though. 

Thanks mate. Ive ended up buying a secondary high flow sport cat ( as its underneath where its been de cated) from a company called magna flow. But now i am starting to think it may be the primary cat on the downpipe that has failed as ive had the car 3 years now and have passed 2 years previously on emissions. I am sort of thinking whats the point in putting a cat on underneath when primary may have failed. Its booked in an exhaust garage next week and will have a better idea. May be a bliw or a leak in exhaust system. But anyways cheers for advice pal first post on this forum and i plan to keep my scooby as long as i can but dam its been a pain since i got it.

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