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Timing Belt or Chain?


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Morning All,

I have a 2012 Forester 2.0D. There is a visible belt on the front of the engine, but I am not sure this is the timing belt. Does my version have a timing belt or chain please Ladies and Gents?

She has 235k onboard, running well, only for a DPF issue. but otherwise, as I intend to keep her, I want to provide the correct TLC, as you'll understand. And I don't see timing belt mentioned in the service record...


All help greatly appreciated, and apologies for the amateur's question...

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21 hours ago, EKbear said:

Is it still a timing chain on a 2011 Forester Turbo Diesel? That's certainly what my local independent garage is telling me, but there is  a lot of conflicting information out there.

they are correct, it a chain .
chain stretch is quite common on these with higher miles or poor oil servicing .
pretty easy job replacing chain, guides etc & parts pretty sensible money .

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Thanks Mr B.


Mine has done 102000 miles and was in garage for a squeaking noise from the front. The front belt was replaced but squeak still there. Can't really afford to put into Subaru garage, but will look to maintain car with my local mechanic, although I think he prefers more common cars . Good news though that there is a consensus that it is a timing chain rather than a belt.


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