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Is the CVT reliable?


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Hi, after a short dalliance with a Ford Kuga I'm thinking  of returning to Subaru.I see manual versions aren't available now in the Forester or Outback.I'm concerned that the CVT is likely to be a problem .I will mainly be using it for commuting on so.evert dodgy country roads and towing a horse trailer , 1.7T  total weight, a few times a month.I've read about the CVT making the car sluggish and more worryingly failing completely.Any comments ?Thanks 

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No problems or complaints here, I tow a car trailer or caravan with my Levorg (TR580 CVT) - it's a very good auto box, great for towing as it's never in the wrong gear. Tales of failures are overblown, many Outbacks and Foresters with CVTs have done over 200,000 miles with no issues. Despite what Subaru might say, they do need fluid changes at 30k miles, especially when towing.

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