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Help me buying my dream car please


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Hi all 

 From very young age always admire Subaru WRX STI with big BANG exhaust noice and 555 stickers all over!!!! 

Then got married and got busy in family and forgot about my dream car, i am a small car trader and buy sell cars and today i came a cross SABARU WRX STI 2003 model 85000 miles on the clock its got service history till 41000 miles, its in auction and pysicaly i can't see the car, i am ready to take a risk but i have no idea how much they worth ? 

I don't want to buy to sell, i want to keep it for myself and want to live the dream 🙂  cosmetically car need little TLC but its running as per auction.

any idea how much i should be paying for this ? and in worse case scenario how much gearbox and clutch will cost ? or engine if anything goes wrong 

sorry but i got too excited and its in auction tomorrow morning so any help will be appriciate or if the owner of this car is here that will be a bonus  🙂 


thank you and sorry if i sound bit stupid 😞 my mrs have no idea what i am going to buy tomorrow!  




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it is a hard answer to be fair. if that was me. i would walk away with pride. only service history up till 41,000 miles is not a good thing. you need to know if it had an engine work done. if it is a lemon then it going to cost you a lot to repair and 44,000 miles with any service history is going to make it hard to resell. 

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