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2006 Tribeca B9 Misfire and Wiring issue


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Tech Help.. Bought 2006 Tribeca. Wasnt running. Prev Info Codes

P0026 intake valve solenoid
P0301 cyl 1 misfire
P0306 cyl 6 misfire
P0302 cyl 2 misfire

Things done by previous owner, plugs, coil packs, injectors on these cylinders. Still ran but rough. Also found out prev mech rewired this sides coil pack connectors. The wouldn't start at all. Hasn't started since. I haven't heard it run yet myself. I checked wiring, looks right. But idk if he blew a fuse or crossed wires during process.
Have ordered both cam and crank sensor process of elimination. Haven't gotten them in yet. But during diagnosing i have found that there is no 12v power supply to coil packs when key is on. This normal? Looked to find ignition fuse, can't find anything specific. Any ideas where power directly comes from for coil packs?

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