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  1. Hi, just want to mention that my aircon recharge (with the non standard gas) was “only” 120. Used to be more expensive I believe.
  2. Hi all, the mrs is looking at a 16 XV, petrol and CVT. I know my ‘12 diesel/manual in and out, but am a bit in the dark about the newer models and the CVT. Does it for instance also have a timing chain? Any things to keep an eye out for when test driving this Saturday? thx
  3. Went for Thule wingbars and a small Thule roofbox. Happy Christmas everybody!
  4. Hi, I am in need of extra storage and roof box is on my mind. Anybody have positive or negative experience with certain models? Never bought one before hence any advice or recommendation would be welcome! thanks!
  5. Sorry to see your contributions to this blog go mate! Will you stick to Subaru?
  6. Awesome, including the lovely dog!
  7. I had a burned out clutch with less than 50k with no towing. Shouldn’t have happened. I started to believe that the clutch might be a weak spot of an otherwise solid car...
  8. Well, I passed the 90k mark this week and thought I’d share my experiences over the last 45K since Feb 2016. It started a bit rough with a burned out clutch, luckily replaced under warranty (around 49K). As it’s a manual, i started driving more clutch-wary, putting it in manual during stops etc. So far no problems. Other than the clutch, both brakes have been replaced (front around 60k, rear around 80k) and new tyres fitted (at 52k) and serviced at the dealer a bit ahead of the schedule. I am extremely pleased with this now nearly 6 year old car, both on the road and occasional off road. I drove a CRV the other day and, albeit newer and fancier, it just didn’t feel as planted as the XV. Mileage remains at 54 on highway, lower 40 on B roads. I usually drive my cars until up to high mileage (last car did 300K km), so let’s see how far the scoobie will go! Wishing all fellow XV’ers many happy miles!
  9. Washed and decontaminated the paint with clay, looking really nice already. Replaced the air filter as well, amazing how fast these get dirty!
  10. No performance tune with me but I had the ecu revised to smoothen out variations in the bph/torque curve (at least that’s the best way I can explain it). Result is an engine that runs noticeably quieter yet with the same performance and slightly better mpg. All cars in the family (since 99) have had this treatment, essentially you’re optimising the software to run with the hardware (again, best way I can explain it) all with similar results. Another benefit is that the more efficient engine seems to produce lower emissions (judging from the last measurements) and puzzled looks from Dutch MOT mechanics in the past 😉. According to the company who did the work (and gets hired by F1 teams I was told), a more efficient running engine reduces wear and tear as well. cheers!
  11. Hi, noticed something new today. When I pull away or stuck in a jam and drive really slow in 1st gear, I hear a somewhat pitching sound. It’s not the brakes, I checked and it disappears when increasing speed. Don’t hear it when in neutral either. Best guess is the transmission? Any thoughts? probably take it to the dealer tomorrow just to check before a holiday drive...