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  1. Hi, I have an ‘19 outback and noticed it has Geolandars 98 on it. I didn’t see any M&S logo hence I guess these are not all seasons (had an XV before with Geo’s 95 which are). Is this correct? I’m off to Germany in the winter and need winter tires. Anybody have good experience with steel wheels? thx
  2. Hi, proud owner of a ‘19 Outback. Looking forward to many many miles!
  3. Hi guys, the good old XV has been retired! A shiny blue outback is now sitting on our driveway! bye bye
  4. Passed a 100K on a diesel ‘12. No issues.
  5. Had both geo’s and Cross Climate +. The latter is a bit softer and less noisy. Haven’t had the chance to test in snow. Geo’s lasted nearly 40K! good luck
  6. Thought I’d share a graph showing the soot accumulation and two successive DPF Regen cycles. Nice to it work (from 44% to 6%). I drove about 2 x 20m 70-80 in 6th gear.
  7. Hi, just want to mention that my aircon recharge (with the non standard gas) was “only” 120. Used to be more expensive I believe.
  8. Hi all, the mrs is looking at a 16 XV, petrol and CVT. I know my ‘12 diesel/manual in and out, but am a bit in the dark about the newer models and the CVT. Does it for instance also have a timing chain? Any things to keep an eye out for when test driving this Saturday? thx
  9. Went for Thule wingbars and a small Thule roofbox. Happy Christmas everybody!
  10. Hi, I am in need of extra storage and roof box is on my mind. Anybody have positive or negative experience with certain models? Never bought one before hence any advice or recommendation would be welcome! thanks!
  11. Sorry to see your contributions to this blog go mate! Will you stick to Subaru?
  12. Awesome, including the lovely dog!
  13. I had a burned out clutch with less than 50k with no towing. Shouldn’t have happened. I started to believe that the clutch might be a weak spot of an otherwise solid car...