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Need help with programming key fob

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Right so lost the spare key for 2005 WRX BLOBEYE so decided to buy a cheap £20 eBay key fob for subaru impreza.However following youtube tutorials I cannot manage to program it to my car.
Anybody got some suggestions.
Would be much appreciated thanks guys20201209_103128.thumb.jpg.94be9997e10fd677a63c99934ca59796.jpg

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Doubt it will work with the m30 alarm .

try using programming method below .

If no luck buy a used single button m30 fob or fob-key and remove key to make it a fob .


Programming Remote Keys to the System:


Remote keys can be added or removed to/from the system following the sequence below:

i)          Type in to the keypad                **

ii)          Type in to the keypad the          existing PIN code”  then *

iii)         Type in to the keypad                91 *  “ the number of keys to be used” #

iv)         Press the first remote key button until bleep sounds, release and press next key. Continue until all keys have been taught to the system.  Note the maximum number of keys is 4 and all keys required to operate the system must be taught during this operation - any key not included will no longer operate the system


If you don't know your 4 digit pin set a new one using method below:

Resetting PIN code:


If you do not have the current PIN, then follow option A. However if you do not have a working Radio Key, then you will have to use option B and obtain the systems PIN code from Subaru (UK). Your dealer can obtain this for you if you can provide proof of ownership and the alarm systems 16-digit serial number.

A.Using a working Radio Key:
- Arm and then Disarm the system using a working Radio Key.
- Within 30 seconds of disarming, type into the keypad- *17856*92*wxyz*wxyz# (where wxyz is your new PIN code)
- Arm the system with the Radio Key
- You should now be able to disarm the system using the new PIN code


Full M30 alarm manual link >


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I'm trying to re-program fobs (one that is working currently and another one that I bought online) using the PIN code (I got it from the dealer and it works, I can arm the system with it) but I cannot get that procedure to work. After # key I'm pressing a fob and if I press the one that is working, it will just arm the system instead, if I press the other fob, nothing happens.

Any help appreciated.



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