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On 1/11/2021 at 8:56 PM, Kevb said:

Just had loud knocking and car stopped crank fail,? replace or repair ?

Why is it so expensive for engine from breakers ?

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Because so many people want one .
crank failure on these is massive problem, I could fill my yard with dead 2008 to 2011 subaru diesels just in my county .
New crank is 450 roughly but how cheap that works out depends on block halves  and any damage to bore and valves .
Really is awkward position be in, we can pick up proper tidy diesel engine failure cars for £300 but cost of repair high and actual market value real low plus other issues with diesel dpf and fuelling software means they never perfect for long .
Lots of scrap, great for the environment lol, my 2 decade plus old foresters still going strong and one heading to 300K .

Modern manufacturing and stupid emission regulations are the real culprits to current environmental issues as they simply half truths for the masses to part them from money and accept lower lifespan products under belief it better !

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