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new to subaru. looking at a forester


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Top rate road tax for one, anyone's guess what the future holds in store on that account.

Thirsty too.

Other than that you'll have to be more specific in what you want to know, what sort of mileage price and auto/manual choice.

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older is better, 2004/2005, slightly better vehicle tax, slightly simpler emission equipment and little better built (SF was best build quality by a long shot),  . Look for rust rear turrets, inner arch, rear subframe, rear inner sills and front c frame .
And I mean really look for it, can look fine but need be touched and tap tested.
Rear SLS suspension fails too but that pretty easy fix.
Engines and transmisions ned extra thorough check make sure not been spanked to death and not been run on a shoestring budget .
Crash damage always worth closer look on performance models (panel gaps and bumper/light fitment always a huge quick clue)
Generally they hold up pretty good, probably easier find tidy Auto ones over manual but if you willy travel a little should find something proper tidy .
They not mega desirable due to running costs but they very practical fast road car that can do a bit of everything  .
We found several nice tidy XT Foresters over the years, tend get less abused than X models and even proper tidy examples don't sell as quick as all weather non turbo models .  .

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