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Hi chaps, hows things?


i was just driving down the road at 60 and the old girl just cut out on me!!! i think it maybe the alarm/imobiliser so just wondering if any one knows where in the guildford area i can get it looked at that wont cost the earth?? also i have had the engine check light on since i,ve had her and think its time i had that sorted too so need to find somewhere to get her pluged into that also wont break the bank!!! any ideas????



cheers dan

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on the earlier fre facelift classics theres a way to do a diagnostics check as well as wiping the error codes stored


heres how to check the faults click


and heres a list of what the codes are click


to reset the ecu the easiest was is to disconnect the Battery for an hour, this will erase any old codes in there, best thing to do is wipe the codes first, after you have put Battery back on drive round the block then check for fault codes, this way you know it's going to be fresh faults rather than an old one thats been fixed and not cleared, if you do get a fault and fix it make sure you clear the codes otherwise it may still show as an error despite being fixed

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Think it needs addressing if people can't find them for sure 

Even though it's the same thing just nice to have everything in one place for ease instead of linking off sites. how I see it anyway for this sort of information  :D

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firstly check the breather hoses they can get blocked somtimes with rust where they meet the metal pipes its really only for fuel vapour but check the lines to it one might be torn or ripped


secondly I'd check the wiring to the actual solenoid itself, they are prone to failing, some people disconnect them so just check it's all connected



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