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  1. Happy Birthday Miggs!

  2. they did a bug eye for the video so would probably know what amount you need if you contact them
  3. Non turbo bonnet on turbo car?

    you could also get bonnet raisers, they lift the bonnet at the windscreen end which lets more are channel through the bay, they are a bit marmite though, personally i like them on a car that has the need for them, they look stupid on a 1.4 corsa lol
  4. advice on bulbs

    i had some 100w H4's and was always getting flashed at, i fitted some Osram nightbreaker bulbs and that made a vast improvement, euro car parts are selling decent HID kits with a 12month warranty for £40 but sadly not the H4 fitment, as they are dipped and main beam you'd need H4-3 bulbs, ecp ones are just dipped beam in HID, not that you would need a full beam with HID's, their kits are 8000k and don't dazzle oncoming traffic like the 5&6000k ones
  5. police

    i bought a book similar to this clicky mine has a green front and the picture of a copper with a speedgun on the selling page, i have leant it out so i can't remember exactly what it's called but one of the friends who's a police man has said there's nothing in there that's incorrect and it's surprising just how much stuff even he didn't know that is correct after he's checked up at work, mine was £25 and has given me enough confidence to actually stop at a copper doing mobile speed traps and tell them how wrong they are at what they are doing, i have done this 6 times now and every time they have moved on within minutes of me confronting them
  6. sorry to go off topic but i have to ask or i'll forget later, is it possible to go single turbo with a leggy? would it just be a case off impreza fanimold and ecu or would it be a bot more complex?
  7. What fuel do you put in?

    i've always used v-power in my cars as i get double shell points on my card for using it, i have used normal unleaded in the past and it didn't seem to like it, if i'm somewhere without access to a shell garage and i need fuel i will just put £10 in to get me to a shell to fill up, i will never fill the tank as i used to though as the pumps actually suck fuel back in the pump when you get the click from filling up, you get charged for the fuel too when it happens, instead of filling i put at most £40 in, it's about £50-£55 to fill form empty iirc
  8. FNG

    worse than waiting for xmas :o
  9. hello from sunny morecambe

    i didn't know they did the impreza in diesel, looks gorgeous in white, welcome aboard by the way, do you have any plans for modding it?
  10. if your tinting the lights i would give this stuff a go, clicky it's cracking stuff as you can see in the video, also you can better suit the colour to what you want than with tint film and fly eyes is road legal whereas tint film isn't
  11. Non turbo bonnet on turbo car?

    oh and a mate of mine has a 400bhp bug eye, when he bought it as a standard impreza he removed the wing off the back and it looked so much cleaner, then shortly after upping the power he was driving down the motorway and said it got quite twitchy, he now has the sti6 style spoiler and said it's made a difference, just food for thought
  12. Non turbo bonnet on turbo car?

    i was going to fit a front mount to mine and disguise it so it just looks like a radiator then fit a sport bonnet to make it look like a non turbo, the 2 smaller vents have covers on the underside so they are more a visual thing than a practical thing imo, also if you have the alloy bonnet then weight is a factor but with a steel bonnet then adding the sport bonnet won't make much difference there i have also considered buying a small universal radiator fan and fitting it to the underside of the intercooler and wiring it up to a separate switch to pull the air through when required, i suppose you could do something similar with a non vented bonnet and a top mount, also i found this ebay link for the bumper which i first considered putting the filter down into the bumper for access to cooloer air, you could however fit one and get some metal induction tubing and run the tubing to the turbo to aid that, then fit one on the other side for a cold air feed for the i/c
  13. FNG

    i likey a lot, looks stunning, and welcome to the forum bud
  14. What made you...

    i know a few people that have been in non turbo and turbo cars with the same power as mine and they have said the way the impreza accelerates and uses the power feels so much more aggressive than anything else
  15. intercooler cover

    mine was all bent to buggery when i got it and i noticed i was using it to rest tools on when i messed under the bonnet, i knew straightening them would be time consuming so i removed the cooler and came indoors, with an old bed sheet on my knee and a small but long screwdriver i made all the fins straight(ish) again, then refitted