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Fuel Injector confusion


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Help/clarification needed for the following - on a 2012 2.0 DIT with the twinscroll FA20 engine, one fuel injector has failed. It refuses to budge at the moment. Using the VIN and Partsouq, the fuel intake diagram shows the injector passing through what looks like a sleeve then finally a seal od some sort. But, neither of those parts are given a part number, just an asterisk. I have obtained a new complete injector via Subaru UK at great cost but fear that when we extract the old one the sleeve will probably be knackered as well. Just to add to the mix, parts diagrams from other online sources with the same details and date of manufacture do not show the sleeve or the seal at all! Any help appreciated. 

fuel injector (PS).png

Fuel Injector 1 (R).png

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