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Intermittent non starting

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Hi guys.  I'm now at my wit's end . 2006 3.0rn auto. Car had intermittent non starting issue . If I hit the top of the gear shifter while in park and keeping the key turned in the ignition it would start . Took car to dealer who said neutral inhibitor switch which is internal as it's a 5 speed was working fine ,they  diagnosed ignition switch . They replaced it and tested the start numerous times and it started . Went to pick the car up and they said the fault had just appeared again . 

So I drove home and the car started first time again for about 4 days and now the problem is back again intermittently. 

It seems strange that by hitting the shifter it makes the car start .

Any advise would be greatly appreciated . 

Ps The dealer said that when the non start problem was there , the gearbox was saying all the right things to the ECU ,i.e when in P the gearbox told the ECU it was in park . 

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Had this with the previous Outback, would once in a while not want to engage the starter motor in P, shift to N and it would start every time, suspect the switch gets worn/pitted/dirty whilst in the P segment.

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