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  1. Do you know what had to be done to fix it and was yours a 4speed or 5 speed auto ?
  2. Did you fix the issue or just put up with it ?
  3. Hi guys. I'm now at my wit's end . 2006 3.0rn auto. Car had intermittent non starting issue . If I hit the top of the gear shifter while in park and keeping the key turned in the ignition it would start . Took car to dealer who said neutral inhibitor switch which is internal as it's a 5 speed was working fine ,they diagnosed ignition switch . They replaced it and tested the start numerous times and it started . Went to pick the car up and they said the fault had just appeared again . So I drove home and the car started first time again for about 4 days and now the problem is back again
  4. Hi. Thanks for the info . Where will I find the alarm module located ?
  5. Hi. The led on the steering column stays solid red when the car is unlocked with the fob . According to the alarm manual this indicates that the immobilizer is turned off for the 30 second period . Do you think it could still be the alarm module ?
  6. I have a 2005 outback 3.0 and over the last 3 days it has occasionally not started when turning the key. When it happens the remote opens the doors and I attempt to start the car within the 30 seconds before the immobilizer cuts back in . The red led stays on to indicate the immobilizer is off but I get nothing . Not even a click . I have checked the battery and all fine as when it does start it does so straight away . Could it be the ignition switch is on its way out ? It has been suggested that the switch that tells the ECU the car is in park could be faulty,but I thought if tha
  7. Morning guys. I have just bought a 2005 3.0rn and while I had the undertray off I noticed the front oil cooler water pipe that goes to the oil filter was leaking . Do I need to drain all the coolant to change the pipe as it is at the lowest point of the coolant system . And do I do that by undoing the bottom hose ? What coolant do you recommend I use as the one in the system is a greeny /yellow colour. I've been looking for a good 2005 one for a while because of the cheaper road tax . Not a good start .
  8. I thought if you had hids you had to have self levelling lights . Is that not the case ?
  9. I am thinking of buying a 2008 2.5 se from a dealer in Morecambe. My question is it has headlight washers but the lights don't do the self check levelling when turned on according to the dealer . Does a 2008 have halogen bulbs plus a headlight washer or does the headlight washer mean they are hid . The car is being delivered so I haven't seen it in the flesh to check for myself . The dealer doesn't know what type it is . Thanks
  10. Happy Christmas guys . A bit of advise please. I 2 minds wether to buy a 2.5 with the relatively cheaper road tax or a post 2005 3 litre with the more expensive road tax . I can't find a 2005 3 litre for sale . Are the 3 litres worth the extra money . I know there isn't a vast difference in their mpg . Any thoughts would be welcome Thanks
  11. I'm after a 3l outback pre 2006 because of increase in road tax . Used to own one and miss it . Must have excellent service history and leather upholstery. Hope this is the correct forum . Thanks
  12. I have taken some more pictures. All the wheels are in the same condition . Let me know if you need anymore info .
  13. Hi . I can take some more pictures if you're seriously interested. All the wheels are in great condition as they were all refurbished last year and the tires are toyo which are less than a thousand miles old and put on in December. .
  14. I am reluctantly selling my 3.0 rn as I have just changed my job .It is the facelift model with 135000 miles and full service history , last year it had new plugs and also the auto box oil was changed. She has a full stainless steel powerflow exhaust , rear parking sensors, new tires in December and the alloys have been refurbished . Mot till June 15th 2018 with no advisories . Everything works as it should including the flappy paddle gearchange and the SI drive . I am asking for £2500 .
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