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Outback 2016-20 rear passenger air conditioning?

Alun B

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Hi, I'm new here so apologies if this has already been dealt with. I did look and couldn't see anything.

I am about to buy an Outback from 2016-2020. Automatic, petrol. The listings state that there are 'rear heating vents' or similar. I've asked a few dealers if the vents at the back of the central console, facing the rear passengers, are air conditioned or just heating? The answers have been varied.

Is anyone able to tell me for sure if the rear passengers are going to be able to have cold air coming through those vents on a very hot day? Thanks for your help.

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I can't comment explicitly on the Outback, but the floor vents below the front seats on my 2016 Levorg and my wife's 2017 XV both blow A/C when set to feet. Neither car has any other vents in the rear so I can't confirm how they may work on an Outback, but, as Subaru interiors are not very sophisticated, if the Climate Control decides it needs to cool then all vents that are active will blow cool air.

Hope this helps (although may just be another variable in your quest for the truth!)

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