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Bonnet release mod, anyone done for 2017 sti?


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Has anyone done a mod to be a redundant backup method for opening bonnet in event of release cable failure?

Recently my bonnet release played up on me and fortunately was able to get open by eventually the release pull under the dash worked but got me worried for future. I have attached Battery tender cables that are accessible in the event of bonnet release failure I can at least keep Battery charged as I don't not use car very often. Maybe something hidden attached to lock mechanism that can be accessed under front splitter? Any ideas?

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Not solved for bonnet release mod yet but have a batter charging via tender mod using magnetic charger adaptor and some cables. Hardest part was working out the magnetic connector polarity hence the spare fuses 🙂

Use pigtails from batter tender to connect to car Battery, use extension cables to connect pigtails to magnetic connector using space connectors, use other extension cable to hardwire to other part of magnetic connector which in turn connects to the cable from the Battery tender.






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