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Battery Drain


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Help required please.  Subaru Forester 54 plate wouldn't start, checked Battery and replaced, ran for a couple of weeks and then suddenly wouldn't start again, fitted new alternator!

Problem persists runs for a couple of weeks then Battery totally drained.  Been running between two batteries fully charged for the past 6 months now needing a solution to the problem.

Any ideas???

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you need do a parasitic draw test, either current clamp or voltage drop across fuses to see how big a draw and hopefully pinning it down to a circuit then individual items on that circuit .

The sigma m30 alarm is a possible culprit, either main module behind glovebox area or siren/backup Battery on bulkhead under bonnet .
If is alarm used alarm module parts can fix that cheaply and the siren can be opened and 9v Battery replaced .

If you not up to multimeter/amp clamp testing take it someone who can, should be easy find as constant fault .

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Many thanks for this information.  The alarm was disconnected at a Subaru garage and since then this problem has arisen.  I spoke to them as thought it was too much of a coincidence but they said it was nothing to do with them disconnecting it? 

Probably need to take to an auto electrician, either that or its down the road for it.

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Well I would suspect alarm disconnection likely area to be issue, that garage just palming you off, least they could of done is few basic checks .
don't get too many parasitic issues on that vintage Fozzy but alarm poorly disconnected could cause it and certainly needs looking into .

If you near me I would of looked at that as expect conclude something within an hour .
I generally never remove them as cheaper/quicker repair with used parts and better end result .
Seems it constant fault it not going be that hard find root cause.
Is the siren still under the bonnet ?

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Hi there makes interesting reading your reply!  I am not sure if the siren is still there I would need to check once I get home as car is stuck in parking spot until I get Battery changed over later this evening.

I say interesting as a friend of mine was also having problems with their subaru at the same time and the same garage because of its age recommended disconnecting the alarm and cant get parts? And their vehicle is experiencing the same thing, Battery drain! His is a Subaru Impreza 1.5 petrol.

I will let you know what transpires and if the siren is still there on his vehicle.

Thanks for being so helpful, its is very much appreciated as this vehicle belongs to my elderly father who is rapidly losing faith in a vehicle he likes and enjoys driving!

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If you need any detailed help just ask, I done loads of these sigma alarms and they fairly easy resolve.
Might not be so easy if messy disconnection .
Ideally want pinpoint the parasitic current draw first rather than guessing .

Really not that hard narrow down the circuits drawing current and any mechanic worth paying could do it .

If it is the alarm you can buy used alarms pulled from vehicle and with they keyfob supplied so can easily program it.
80 to £150 normally gets alarms parts, swapping parts and programming can be DIY job .

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Hi there,

Found the original invoice for disconnection and says 'removed vehicle alarm siren & alarm ECM unit, installed wiring harness to standard'

I have a contact at another garage who I am going to speak to see what he says can be done.

I will report back!


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