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Replacing a Cooked EJ20- Forester xt 2.0

Don Logan

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My 2005 2.0xt got cooked. I'm trying to talk myself into not scrapping it but am having a hard time weighing up my options.

What are my options for getting this fixed? A Subaru independent near me quoted £2400 to source a used engine and transfer the short block over to mine, resusing my cylinder heads, including supply of a new radiator and ancillaries. 

I then saw that ICP do an EJ207 short block for £1900. Genuine Suabru manufactured part. What kind of labour hours would I be looking at for a Subaru independent to install this, using my existing cylinder heads, plus fitting the ancillaries? I suppose this would be quicker than stripping a donor enginer for the short block and installing that, plus my heads?

I don't know why he quoted for only using the block off the donor engine and not just swapping the entire engine over, but I'll query this.

As said, I'm trying to justfiy keeping the <non rusty, otherwise good condition> car, but am not willing to risk 2400 quid on putting a used engine in it and it &#33;Removed&#33; itself and me being back to square one, only this time minus £2400.

If an EJ207 short block can be put in it for somewhere near a similar price then I'd be happier going that route.

Also, what would a non rusty Forester with a cooked engine fetch as scrap value? I could well just not get it fixed, maybe get 500 for the scrap value and potentially have £3k towards a new car, the it's not a straightforward decision.

Any advice appreciated...



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If you Foz XT super clean fix it, if not sell yours for repair and buy another, don't sell as scrap as you won't get a lot .
No idea why want use your heads, if engine cooked to death and been having long term heating issues heads likely not great at best or garbage at worst .
A good used engine can be anything from 500 to 1K pending on luck, time you willing wait and how good/complete it comes .
Good job on swapping heads involve machine shop costs and is fair few parts want replace make job a no ballache and no come back effort .
If found good donor engine for pretty much straight swap it could be as low as 1,400 and if start stripping heads as well it going be 2K and up easily for worthwhile effort .
Rebuilding from new short block going be over 3K assuming your heads good enough and need basic machine shop services but if they bad then you need source them too .
Sensible option is source used engine or MOT failure with good engine then scrap donor car and your engine for bit of cash back .

Main areas to effect what you do is true condition of your car and how long you can wait find good used engine/donor car .

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well really depends on condition of rest of it and mileage .
possibly 800 to 1,200 to right person ! always try high as can come down but can't go up ...
If it really clean and I mean really clean you be better doing an engine swap, if it more good average you probably find a very to proper clean replacement in mid 2K to mid 3K range .

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