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Help - My locking wheel nut has broken and . . . locked the skinny spare wheel on


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Pothole damage to the rear o/s tyre meant that I had to fit the skinny spare. The top of the locking wheel nut (the bit with the key) has now detached from the body of the nut so now I can't get the skinny wheel off!! . . . unbelievable . . . It seems that the standard wheel stud is too long to use with the standard skinny spare wheel and the locking wheel nut . . . how am I going to get the spare wheel off now?  😭

Does anyone know the the spec for a standard wheel nut for a 17" factory alloy - even if I get the nut off somehow, I still need to source a new one - any ideas.

Help! . . . . please . . .

2010 Impreza Hatchback

Edit: as you can see the from the photo, the locking part has just sheared off.




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There are locking wheel nut removal sockets out there, best bet would be try your local tyre place / garage rather than buying. You could try a pipe wrench seeing it is proud of the wheel rather than recessed but the removal tool would be better.

There is a comment in the 2011 service book, inside front cover, about using a standard nut in place of the locking one on the spare and there should be a single nut in the jacking kit. I know that doesn't help you in any way but may help someone else.

Sorry haven't got the nut size to hand.



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Thanks Steve

Took it to my local garage and they managed to get nut off - said it was a common problem and they didn't know why people had locking wheel nuts on alloys, seeing they are fitted to virtually every car now. The nut thread for future ref. is apparently M12 x 1.25.

My service book doesn't have that comment - I presume my car was a run out model with extras fitted that weren't properly checked.

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Good stuff.

Wheels still get stolen and I have no doubt it will be the first question asked by insurance if you try to claim.

I am surprised the use of the standard nut was flagged in the service book and not the owners manual but even more surprised that the spare nut was still in the car.


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