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High Speed Vibration


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Afternoon All,

Hope Ye are well.

I have a 2012 Forester 2.0D, with 250k+ on it. Very reliable I must admit. I recently started to hear a vibration sound, coming from her at higher speeds. It continues when I disengage drive, and is running in line with wheel speed. I wonder could it be the beginnings of a wheel bearing?? Or how do they normally sound when going, and do they take long to fail? Its been the case for about 3-4 weeks now...

Or are there normal/regular things Ye think I should check in a case like this? There have been no leaks, and servicing is very regular.


Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated

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Thanks for the reply Greenmamba.

I hadn't thought of the balancing, as usually you can feel that, and see it in the tyres over what is now 3-4 weeks, probably??

As for the turning issue, not that I've noticed, and its strangely not gotten worse yet...strange one to me at least at this point.

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