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2005 Forester 2.0XT Towbar: No longer available?


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I would like to fit a towbar to our 2.0 XT 2005 Forester. But the usual places say here's no stock and no-one is making it anymore, even commercial eBay sellers. Also we had a Pedders suspension fitted when the auto-level system failed 5 years ago, and so the only place (PF Jones, Manchester) that said they might be able to get a tow bar, when I said it didn't have the auto-ride height fitted, said they can't get the towbars if that's been removed. Apart from waiting for a 2005 Forester to come up for sale with a towbar that isn't rusted, and take it off that what other choices are there, or towbar models I can try? Is the issue with the Pedders system actually a problem? Many thanks for any advice.

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I would assume still available and someone will have stock .

plenty listed online/ebay etc .

Just buy online and either fit yourself or use local garage .
Peddars is approved and even sold via main dealers, at the worst if had heavy trailer tongue weight you may need change out springs but check what spec kit you got from peddars and contact them on that if needs be or if need/want custom springs speak to springcoil who done a lot of work on forester SG coil springs .
Pulling a used one is a PITA unless particularly minimal rust ,
OEM tow kit wiring is nice to have though .


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Many thanks, what I didn't understand is that some suppliers said they wouldn't touch it as having Peddars fitted instead of the ride height meant the tow bar frame wouldn't fit as it used part of the ride-height structure as a mounting point...

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that is complete garbage .
Ride height was purely simple hydraulics within original struts. no structure fitted or removed that interferes with physical fitting and the tow bar mounts to chassis not suspension .
It looks like the pf jones company are listing 10 of them on eBay !?
Wouldn't be giving them any business though 🙂
Hunt online for kit and job jobbed, the Forester is easy one  for tow hitch fitting ...
If you have any good breaker yards around you might be worth a call/visit as any 02 to llate 07 forester tow bar would be good and it be cheapest way if stumble on a fairly clean one .


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