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Tailgate found wide open!

Justin Time

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I've been working at home all day, looking out onto the drive where the OB is parked. All well...and then, an hour ago, I noticed the tailgate was wide open! Not sure for how long, but I would estimate it was open for less than an hour.

I can confirm that the key fob has not been inadvertently pressed. It's hasn't been in my pocket, or anyone else's, since Tuesday, but has been safely hanging up in the key store.

When I went outside to check the car, I noticed the alarm was off (no flashing light on the dash), but the car was still locked.

I did a factory mode settings check to read the Battery voltage = 11.4v (ummm!!!)

Scratching my head as how this happened. My very long shot guess is that when I went to the far end of the house (furthest away from the OB) to sort some out some confidential papers, I may have accidentally caused the spare fob to get compressed as it was in the box with the papers. But to be honest, that's an extremely highly unlikely scenario. In fact, I tried pressing the spare key fob (tailgate release button) from the spot where the spare is kept, and it didn't activate the read tailgate as it's out of range.

Now I can't concentrate on my work as I'm looking out the window at the tailgate every few minutes. Looks like if I'm going to get any piece, and work done, I'm going to have to rope the tailgate closed from the inside!!

Seriously, it's not knowing how this happened which is a real bind. It could have been parked in a public car park or similar. GrrrH!

The car has done less than 4000 miles.
Anyone else had a similar experience with auto tailgate?
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