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2018 Outback Diesel, crazy warning faults!


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Hey all. I have a Outback 2018 Diesel, and suddenly it is showing some crazy warnings on the dash.

I have a video, but it will not let me attach it here... 
What is happening is, in order:

Beep beep (pause) beep.
check engine warning in the center
X-Mode starts flashing
Eye-sight off - check manual in center
check engine warning in the center
Check owners manual
ADB disabled

I have attached a screen shot with the errors.
Any help??
I will take it to the Subaru dealer on Friday (nearly a week away), when COVID allows.. 


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I read that also, tried and failed 😞 Turns out that this problem is a little "temperamental". Turned on the car and the errors are all gone, looks like nothing happened at all. 

Turned it off and on again, lights up like a christmas tree again! (next 3 times turned on it was failing again 😞

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This type of thing is common in modern vehicles of all types.

I drive an MAN truck, every now and again you switch on the ignition only to find a list of control module failures coming up on the screen each one of up to 7 you have to OK to delete it from the screen, then switch off wait about 30 seconds retry and all is good again. Its 3 years old at Christmas, has covered 397000kms and hasn't missed a beat so far, save the failure of one outside temp sensor**. Other vehicles give false warnings of failed bulbs on trailers etc when there's nothing wrong.

I think you just have to accept that these systems are now so complex, linked and all encompassing and they will throw spurious errors periodically.

On some trucks simply turning the Battery isolator off for a few minutes will clear these issues, obviously that means disconnecting the Battery on a car, have you tried that.

** believe it or not the failure of the outside temp sensor saw the vehicle stop using adblue completely but with no dash warnings, presumably because the system was under the impression it was 50'C outside and adjusted adblue accordingly so all ok as far as the vehicle was concerned, just shows how things are all interconnected, so maybe have a check on your car that something seemingly nothing to do with your faults isn't maybe giving an intermittent false reading or fault.

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Judd, I agree with you regarding cars being so complex, their systems do appear to get "overwhelmed" at times. Just a shame to find this with new cars, you would think there would be more in the way of "identification" of errors to help users work out what/why things are happening. 

In my car I have checked all fuses, globes, etc.. disconnected and connected a trailer, had auto-lights on/off, etc.. even had the radio console off when I started the car, to try to find out what is causing this error, or more-so, why is it intermittent -Which I think is the most frustrating part!

I am thinking about buying one of those doo-hickeys that connect to the car to read the error messages, has anyone got anything to say about those, regarding newer cars? (I also have the 2020 Forester (Hybrid), which just went nuts on me, turns out it is a known fault to do with a dying Battery!). 




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I have Techstream for my Toyota Prado, that is very involved right down to programming keys injectors airbags, full diagnostics, you name it, getting it put on the laptop was way above my poor tech knowledge and my IT chap had to sort that out but ince installed it's great to have.

Whether there's an equivalent of that for Subaru i haven't a clue.

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