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2006 Wagon NON TURBO mpg and general query


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Hey all


Tried to list this earlier and hasn't appeared so wondering if it worked so posting again.

Car had oxygen  sensor code and temp needle wasn't rising to normal running temp position when I bought it 4 weeks ago. 

Changed rear oxygen sensor and EML now gone. But temp issue still present and still running cool so changing thermostat next. Part arrived today. 

Running cool I have ran 2 full tanks of 95 Ron with fuel additive both times. I filled when the needle was making me nervous on the empty line,  but still only managed to fill 48 litres both times.

Each time has given me on average 330 miles meaning an MPG on Fuelly  of 25mpg. Which I felt was really low.  I have Been driving conservative and only commuting with average speed cameras so never having  much fun.



1. Will the low running temp cause such a low mpg  or effect it so drastically?

2. Should a fuel light not be coming on or is this a luxury not afforded to this model? Or is it a case it only comes on when the needle is touching the empty line?

3. Anything else you can suggest? Is 25 mpg what I will come to expect  driving like a nun? I'd expect maybe 30mpg motorway driving driving at 65 for 18 miles twice a day. 


Any help or tips appreciated on other things to check or do. 






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I am also now aware that my mpg is actually around 31 mpg as the Fuelly  app was set to U.S  measurements. I'm going to drive the car until the light goes on. As I'm sure there must be one. Having checked a manual online there certainly appears to be 🤣🤣🤣

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