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ABS Wiring Problem


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I have a 2011, Forester 2.4L auto. My scanner showed an open circuit for the LH rear ABS circuit. Replacing the sensor did not clear the fault. After doing some testing I have found that there is no voltage at the connector point where the ABS sensor plugs in and there is no continuity between the abs module and the sensor plug. Clearly there is a break in the wire between the plug point and the ABS module. Has anyone repaired such a fault and if so, could you give me some pointers on how to do it.

Would appreciate any assistance I can get


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In this scenario we generally confirm voltage output right at the source connector prior to testing circuit so we verify module outputting value and test equipment functional .  Don't go unplugging things or yanking too much stuff about to start with or you could temporary fix the issue .
Once we confirmed a correct output or in your case you confirmed an open in the output wire we would visually trace and inspect that wiring looking for likely issue points where it might flex, rub, be exposed to heat/moisture or goes into another connector and perhaps have corrosion/poor contact .
If you find a connector you can back probe and see if getting voltage  and you eliminate that part of wiring and gradually narrow it down to shorter wiring run for closer examination .
Lot of times you will have visual clues to likely trouble spot, Perhaps even work done in a specific area recently that may of damaged a harness/connector ! .
Ideally you may want wiring diagram and connectors location diagram for easier inspection and testing if don't find anything on what can visually trace on that wire run.
Start at easiest test points and verify output voltage from module and meter reading correctly prior to testing .
Another thing always consider on this type of issue is some modern systems will switch off output on a circuit that got active code and fully clearing code or reset procedure maybe needed, if your open circuit test valid then obviously not your case but something always be mindful of on modern systems .

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Ideally you going want wiring harness and connector diagrams for your model.
The wiring is in harness sections such as bulkhead harness and rear harness .
If you done continuity check I assume you know pinouts and wiring colours for abs module.
Have you actually checked output voltage back probing right at the abs module plug ?
Rear harness likely easiest find a harness connection point to test as can follow entry point into vehicle and you will know wiring colour to find the connector pin .
Once you done a test here it will dictate direction you need go, if got output power concentrate on very rear harness, if no power need focus on wiring run towards the abs module .
Good wiring diagrams and connector location and pinouts become a must if got go deep into it and that subscription services or factory manuals .

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