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Tailgate opening problem


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Hi all

Problem has popped up with the tailgate, just wondering if anyone has had the same problem (SH model, press button start).

After unlocking the car with the fob (all doors 2 presses) the tailgate switch will not release the tailgate catch ...nothing happens (all other doors open fine). 

Curiously tailgate unlocks when I start the car then tailgate switch works ok - also the tailgate catch partially releases from closed when I turn off the engine.  

I've tried both of my working remotes but exactly the same happens.

Any thoughts much appreciated



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Problem gone - after slipping a disc in my back, the car was stood for seven weeks and the Battery went completely flat.

 After getting the car powered up again the tailgate problem disappeared, it must have reset with the flat Battery / disconnection.  Hope this helps if someone else gets the same problem.


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Had one similar issue with the SG9 Foz recently.

When i checked it over the catch appeared to be sticking, fed some spary grease into the mechanism and it hasn't happened since.

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