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  1. Maybe there's a chipped or broken tooth on the crank cog that the sensor reads ...might be worth checking, doubt that would throw a code as in your problem.
  2. Yep...I guess you'd have a blinking LED if an alarm was fitted - hope your dad enjoys his Forester 🙂
  3. Foresters have been factory fitted with alarms since 2001- unless privately imported, maybe your WRX was privately imported to not have one.
  4. Think its called "Information reminder light" if you google it something should pop up 🙂
  5. Sounds like a radiator problem to me ...not a quick enough flow through - so noticeable temp increase at motorway speed . On one of my threads I was told that original Subaru water pumps are very well built and last 150K miles plus.... so I'd check the radiator next
  6. I don't know why any family car manufacturer would program their cars to only unlock the drivers door when the rest of the family has to be let in from the inside - and not provide an easy way to switch it around on all of their models ....when today's modern cars are designed with so many features of convenience. Anyway hope your dealer sorts it. Cheers 🙂
  7. Oh right ...Americans get everything ...hope you get it sorted 🙂
  8. Can you do this ...Forester is explained here.
  9. (1) If you have a genuine subaru sat nav fitted you can turn auto locking on / off / change delay time settings / via the monitor - if not then a Subaru dealer can do it (from my 08 manual ) maybe its changed now but check your sat nav manual if you have one. (2) All the doors should open when you press the remote unlock twice within 5 seconds - they do on mine anyway.
  10. Hi, what did the garage say mate ...?
  11. Hi Disco - I'll message you with the keypad location - yours is probably the same Sigma system but not sure. If you look in the folder that the owners manual comes in ... there should be another instruction booklet about the alarm system, your pin number should be in there, mine is on two shiny stickers.
  12. Had my first experience with the alarm last night ...doors unlocked ok with the fob but the alarm went off when I pressed the start button, both remote fobs have new batteries but neither would turn it off..... had to keep my nerve with the curtains twitching along the street - eventually found the pin number and the keypad accepted it . Looks like I have a bit of reading to do about the alarm system 🙂
  13. Look forward to seeing some pic's when you get one 😉
  14. lovely cars by the way ...just been through my service bills from previous owners - apart from general consumables the only expensive parts needed were shockers and springs. If you get a petrol expect to change the timing belt at or before 66K miles - or try and find one with this already done - diesels have a timing chain.