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  1. Hi this any good
  2. Hi, Just my choice - I went for the SH 09 to 13 year model, 2.0 Petrol. It has plenty of space for my stuff and not too bad on fuel consumption considering its 150bhp and 1500KG kerb weight it has plenty of power for my needs. I cant comment about previous models as I've never owned a Subaru before but I did a lot of research before buying mine, I reckon the symmetrical awd makes them all as good as each other. Lots of videos on you tube, these helped my decision anyway - "4x4 overland subaru" and "softroadingthewest". Again just my choice - good luck your adventure sounds great 🙂
  3. Welcome to the Forum ...sorry I cant help but welcome 🙂
  4. Haha nice one Jay.....after watching this my mind is at rest ...
  5. Thanks Andy, does your newer car have hill descent control?
  6. Cheers mate, I'll have to see how it goes then - strange it mentions engine braking in the handbook but doesn't seem to do it....
  7. Hi Just wondered if anyone has achieved effective engine braking when going down hill with a 4 speed auto? I've tried what it says in the handbook by going into sport mode. I stop at the top of the hill, shift into sport mode and off with the brakes but on the way down the car just speeds up as normal and I end up having to use the brakes. It's just that I have a lot of steep hills where I live and when the snow comes engine braking comes in very handy, I cant seem to get the knack with this car (Forester SH). Any tips would be great. Cheers Brack.
  8. Hi all, On my SH, when the sunroof is closed and the blind is pulled back I get a load of wind noise when driving, anyone else's car do this? Its nice and quiet with the blind fully forward - seems a strange one this....I can live with it but just wondered if anyone has a fix? Cheers Brack 🙂
  9. Pleased you've found a nice one Wulbert, it looks nice in black 🙂 enjoy.
  10. Mine is still nice and cold after 8 months of ownership - it does warm up a bit after a while if its on all the time ...., I don't know if it should do that or not. I just keep turning it on for a few minutes for a cold blast now and again, it seems to stay cold that way. So I guess it's been constant for 8 months at least.
  11. I dont know if this would be good or bad for you but a 4 speed auto like mine will creep up to around 5mph + when driving from standstill on the flat without touching the accelerator pedal so sometimes I'm on the brakes before even touching the gas pedal. Another point is that the car travels far too fast in 1st downhill (not using brakes) - so when the snow comes low range would have been ideal but there we go. Hope you find a nice one 🙂
  12. I bought more or less the first Forester that I came across in December (I'm nuts like that but its how I work) - 2008 2.0 XS petrol, spent about a grand on it for four decent tyres, cam belt change and a service - its never let me down and skips along where ever I need to go very comfy van with occasional rear seats 🙂
  13. Maybe there's a chipped or broken tooth on the crank cog that the sensor reads ...might be worth checking, doubt that would throw a code as in your problem.