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  1. Hi Disco - I'll message you with the keypad location - yours is probably the same Sigma system but not sure. If you look in the folder that the owners manual comes in ... there should be another instruction booklet about the alarm system, your pin number should be in there, mine is on two shiny stickers.
  2. Had my first experience with the alarm last night ...doors unlocked ok with the fob but the alarm went off when I pressed the start button, both remote fobs have new batteries but neither would turn it off..... had to keep my nerve with the curtains twitching along the street - eventually found the pin number and the keypad accepted it . Looks like I have a bit of reading to do about the alarm system 🙂
  3. Look forward to seeing some pic's when you get one 😉
  4. lovely cars by the way ...just been through my service bills from previous owners - apart from general consumables the only expensive parts needed were shockers and springs. If you get a petrol expect to change the timing belt at or before 66K miles - or try and find one with this already done - diesels have a timing chain.
  5. Guessing its a late SH model like in my pic? and a diesel? ...if so have a read of the thread titled "Rebuild or replace my engine" - made me thankful that I'd bought a petrol anyway ...I dont know anymore than what is in the thread but its worth a read and to ask a few questions before you buy.
  6. Yep very happy with the Forester Mr B, its everything that I need in a car - runs lovely on the Michelins, what a difference they've made.
  7. Getting there now the cam belt changed along with idlers and tensioner (thanks again Mr B) Four Michelin Latitude Cross tyres now fitted (10% off with Black Circles) - the fronts were down to the markers and the rears were cracked between the treads plus the fronts were totally different tyres to the rear ones. Found the headlight cap that I dropped into the depths of the engine bay. Had a disaster with the top hose - someone had fitted one that was far too long and was eventually cut into by the fan blade 17 miles from home.... now sorted Bought some used Forester letters on e bay to stick on the tailgate...been cleaning them up to stick on tomorrow..... I like doing the tiny stuff lol. 🙂
  8. Last year I ripped a wiper blade when it was frozen onto the windscreen, I had no replacement handy so I tried glueing it back together with inner tube glue - worked great until I got another one🙂 Just a tip if anyone is stuck for a wiper Cheers Brack
  9. Brack


    Happy Days 🙂
  10. Yes I'll do that Mr B, thanks for the advice.
  11. Thanks for this excellent info Mr B 🙂 I'll make sure OEM parts are fitted , good to know about the water pump longevity too .... cheers
  12. Thanks Fozster - limited to what I can do now but thanks 🙂
  13. Sorted the xenon bulbs - now both 6000K ones but I dropped a protective cap down into a hole above the fog lamp - sounded like it was never going to stop lol.... so I need to recover that somehow. Booked in for timing belt change along with new idlers and water pump for £360, does that sound a decent price?
  14. Hi and welcome from another newbie. I like your choice of engine - I have to keep the costs down so I've not gone any bigger than 2.0. Hope you find what you're looking for and yes a Subaru has a lot of personality🙂
  15. Autotrader or Gumtree etc have smaller independent trader adverts - just a quick search found this one in Glasgow for example - - I have nothing to do with this seller of course.