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  1. Hi Wulbert, I just picked up a 2.0 XS auto 2008, FSH, full MOT,106000 miles for just under £4000... it needs a couple of things doing but I'm loving the car. Maybe you could find one a bit cheaper than £7800 ?
  2. Brack

    New Forester owner

    Cheers mate 🙂
  3. Brack

    Jobs to do

    A few jobs to sort with the new to me Forester, The timing belt was changed at 45K miles but there's no mention of a further change in the service history - now at nearly 106K miles. The drivers door check strap isn't working so the door swings back if I don't keep hold of it. One HID bulb has a blue tint and the other doesn't so I guess that might be annoying to other drivers Other than that the car is all working and lovely to drive 🙂
  4. Brack

    New Forester owner

    Me too very happy, looking good in silver mate ...might see you on the A66 🙂
  5. Brack

    New Forester owner

    Thanks Greenmamba, took some pics while up on the moors today 🙂
  6. Hello everyone, I'm picking up a 2008 Forester this weekend so here I am joining up ...I hope I can contribute a bit as well as ask a few questions along the way. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and all the best for 2019 Nice to meet you Brack