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  1. I'm no expert but I'd say air was being drawn in to the system somehow - do these pumps need bleeding after being re filled maybe? Someone with more knowledge than me should be along soon 😉
  2. Sounds a good plan, let us know how you get on bud 🙂
  3. Maybe a small oil drip that's landing on the exhaust ....valve cover gasket leak etc.
  4. I've not had any problems with my SH petrol model, its been 100% reliable. Best to have test drives to get an idea of which make and model of car suits your needs. Main points on a Forester - FSH, 4x matching good tyres and the cam belt changed at 60K miles (if petrol) Good luck 🙂
  5. Solar powered camera connects to the monitor by wifi - very happy with it. Cheers Brack
  6. Used the holes that a previous owner had drilled and some rubber fittings that squelch up from behind to form a washer when tightened up. Reversing camera now fitted securely - I'll post a pic soon....amazing these cameras when you have a very dark window tint like mine especially at night 🙂
  7. Hi all, Wanting to secure the rear number plate with some security torx bolts, any idea what size of torx bolts will fit the original threaded holes please? I'm thinking M6 but not sure? Cheers for any help and all the best Brack
  8. I've just changed mine, I didnt know what to expect either but as Mr B says its no big deal - after installation everything was back up and running apart from clock and radio settings - no alarms went off etc. (08 SH model) 🙂 Nice tip Mr B by the way 🙂
  9. Yep, for wet grip they're about as good as you can get - being all season is a bonus 🙂
  10. Might be a very good choice, my wife has 4 new Bridgestone Weather Controls fitted to her Ford - she says they are brilliant on the country lanes and amazing grip in the wet, looking forward to see how they do in the snow 🙂
  11. Hi, Just my choice - I went for the SH 09 to 13 year model, 2.0 Petrol. It has plenty of space for my stuff and not too bad on fuel consumption considering its 150bhp and 1500KG kerb weight it has plenty of power for my needs. I cant comment about previous models as I've never owned a Subaru before but I did a lot of research before buying mine, I reckon the symmetrical awd makes them all as good as each other. Lots of videos on you tube, these helped my decision anyway - "4x4 overland subaru" and "softroadingthewest". Again just my choice - good luck your adventure sounds great 🙂
  12. Welcome to the Forum ...sorry I cant help but welcome 🙂