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Bonnet Strut Recommendations?


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I'm thinking of replacing Subaru's prehistoric bonnet rod/stay with some gas struts. GrimmSpeed sells a nice-looking set (pictured below) but I was wondering if anyone has bought/fitted/used a cheaper alterative? My ride's a 2005 JDM Impreza WRX Wagon but I guess these struts are much the same across the board, so feedback from anyone would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Grimmspeed hood struts.jpg

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After a couple of evenings searching the ol' www, I decided to order some struts from 2SP Performance Parts. Not as pricey as GrimmSpeed and I liked the fact that the mounting brackets use both bolts of the bonnet hinges, not just a single one as many of the other designs do. The only worry is that they're coming from Ukraine, so I'm hoping that Putin doesn't throw a spanner in the works!! Will update this thread with pics as and when they arrive and I fit them but in the meantime, below is a stock pic.

2SP bonnet struts.jpg

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The bonnet struts arrived yesterday and I fitted them today. They appear well-made and fitted fine, once I worked out what went where! The bonnet now moves smoothly back into position and is a night and day improvement over the stock set-up. A recommended upgrade! 👍

Strut 01a.jpg

Strut 03.jpg

Strut 04.jpg

Strut 05b.jpg

Strut 06.jpg

Strut 07.jpg

Strut 08.jpg

Strut 09.jpg

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