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WRX Grill Badge Mod


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I’m thinking about fitting a WRX badge to the front grill of my 2005 JDM Hawkeye. Everyone knows the STi badge, as pictured below, but I want to highlight that my ride is a WRX not an STi! 😜

I’m therefore thinking that I could retro-fit a WRX badge from a newer model (pictured below) but wonder if anyone else here has done the same?

2005 front view.jpg

STi badge.jpg

WRX grill badge.jpg

WRX badge.png

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Well...I finally got round to fitting this. Then gave up!! image.gif.e681d5c9ae7766bb2a423635f1c420f7.gif

I couldn't get it to fit, either exactly where I wanted it (the bottom right of the grill) or securely enough. I did take some mock up pics of it in a central position, to see what it looked like, but I don't want to obstruct air flow to the radiator. I still like the basic idea though, so will figure out a Plan B and have another go! Pauper spec indeed! 🤪

WRX badge 4.jpg

WRX badge 5.jpg

WRX badge 6.jpg

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Went to an Impreza owners' meeting on Sunday and saw that someone had had the same idea as me! I couldn't see how it was affixed to the mesh but the badge didn't look very straight. Anyway, here are some pics:-



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