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Should I buy a Forester?

Allan John

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I would appreciate some info.

I was a Land Rover man for over 30 years, had a New Discovery sport but had lots of issues with it so had to sell it and never use Land Rover again.

I have been looking at a new Forester Hybrid., but reports talk about Battery issues, car going flat after a few days.

Has this issue been resolved? Or is the car still having issues?

Can anyone let me know if the Forester has any other problems? Would anyone recommend the car?

Look forward to your reply.



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Hi Allan, Purchased my eboxer Forester a couple of months ago so not had it long. With regards your question, yes auxiliary Battery discharge still appears to be an issue with these cars going by on-line comments. In my case it has reared its ugly head, as I’ve noted the charge drop from 12.5v to 12.1v over 4 days if not used and even with routine driving every second day or so for 40 to 70 miles runs it just holds on at around 12.3v or less. In my case the car was a demonstrator when purchased, several months old with low mileage. I’m guessing it was used for short journeys and not run for several days at a time. I may have a Battery that suffered several discharges and a bit ropey! I’ve charged it several times with a smart charger and monitoring situation. I’ve reported it to dealership and will get it tested properly in a few weeks time. I should add even at 12.1v it started ok first time but wouldn’t fancy it’s chances if left a couple more days.

in respect of all other matters, love the car, comfortable, smooth, loads of easy to use boot space and very stable on the road in horrible stormy wet and windy weather.

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Battery issue is still very much a problem with the eBoxer Forester. My vehicle is now 18 months old and has had the Battery replaced with a heavier duty one under warranty and it will now last around two weeks until it will no longer start without jump leads. If I go on holiday and leave my car at the airport I don't feel I can trust my Subaru to start on my return. I now take my Honda Jazz Hybrid to the airport and it starts without any issue no matter how long I leave it.

I was thinking of taking a test drive in the Subaru Solterra when it arrives but have now lost confidence in the mark, so not sure what I will purchase next time.

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