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Front Struts

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I'm looking at replacing both front struts on my 2010 2.0xc. Do I have to replace the whole strut or is it possible to just replace the shocks and reuse the springs? Also are there any other type of Subaru or different year of production that will fit. And finally if it is possible to just replace the shocks what manufacturer would you recommend. 

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KYB Sachs or Bilstein is aftermarket shock options
You can pick up used easy enough as plenty scrapped diesel foresters 2009/2013 .
New Subaru OEM not crazy money .
Easy enough reuse spring, insulators and top mounts if they all good order .
Don't go cheap/off brand parts as they garbage in no time or even right out the box lol .
If you use forester off road a bit hard beat the OEM struts as they have slightly more compression and droop range and built more stout .


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