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2022 UK Outback service costs?


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Hi all, about to take delivery of my new Outback Touring and the dealer is offering me a service plan.

2 years service @ £621 or 3 years @ £991.

So what are the Subaru services, minor & major or are they all the same and are these prices reasonable?

Many thanks for any thoughts.


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I took my OB for it's first service (12 months) in December 2021.  I rang around a few dealerships  beforehand in the north of England and the prices quoted for this first service ranged from £210 to £285 (no courtesy car included, that would have been £12 for the day extra).  So the first service is pretty basic (I'd only clocked up 7500 miles).  Obviously the next service will be more significant and more consequently more expensive, if I decide to use a main dealer again.

Not sure if those figures help with your calculations. 

It might be worth ringing around a few dealers and asking price for individual servicing costs for 2 or 3 years and comparing the summed total with the prices you've been quoted for the plans.  Of course, inflation is currently rising, so a service plan would help out there perhaps as the plan prices would be fixed, but you'd lose the option to shop around or to opt for a difference garage/dealer. It might also be worth asking if a courtesy car is included (and guaranteed) with the plan too, if that's important for you.


What's the mileage allowance for the services.? Just a thought, but the servicing interval on the OB is every 12000 miles ( in the UK).  So, if you drive a lot and say clock up say 25000 miles in year one (two services), I guess that means you've 'used up' the next year's service allowance?

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Hi and thanks for the info, it looks from the figures as though there is a minor & major service as I suspected and that the second major service is almost twice as expensive.

I will as you suggest ring around other dealers to get some estimates of prices.

Thanks again.



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