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2022 Subaru Outback MPG


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Firstly thank you for allowing me to join the forum / group.

I am actively looking for a replacement for my Mercedes E220d which I have had for 4 years.

I used the car mainly for work travelling throughout the UK and Ireland.

However, since I got the car the amount of travelling I do for work has decreased through the pandemic (25,000 miles a year to 12 - 15,000) and now through using remote survey techniques such as video streaming.

In addition we have purchased a static caravan in a semi rural area, which we go to whenever possible all year round.

I have liked the Subaru Outback (OB) for many years and have been impressed with the overall package of the car and I am confident it ticks all the boxes.

I am just wondering what are folks real life MPG returns? I don't expect it to come close to the Mercedes on a run (50mpg+)

I am not an outside lane warrior on the motorways, generally 68 - 75, making progress.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to receiving any replies and responses.

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Hi Jon, I got my new Outback start of March, first long run, a few days in Wales and it is returning 37 mpg if the display is to be believed.

Hope this helps


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I've owned my Gen5 OB from new since March 2021.  Very similar engine to the 2022 Gen6 model. 

I'm getting about 34-35 mpg according to the onboard computer, so real-life probably a bit less than this.  Having said that, most of my driving is in very rural, hilly areas, A and B roads with little dual carriageway or motorway driving.  I'm pretty laid back driving, no slouch but never rev the guts out of it and I've probably pressed the 'sport' mode button half-a-dozen times at most, for short bursts to see if there's much difference in driving and for a few speedy over-taking maneuvers, since Ive owned the car.

I also have a full-size spare wheel (alloy), tools, outdoor kit and equestrian paraphernalia (heavy saddles, bridles, horse rugs, and assorted stuff) plonked in the back of the car most of the time -so the load will reduce the mpg.  I knew it wasn't going to be frugal and 'green' - what permanent 4x4 large estate is, with a petrol engine? So I'm happy with that, although I wouldn't want it as a daily commuter into and out of urban areas.

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Just returned from a trip down to London & back. 39+ mpg on way down including traffic hold up on M6 and 38mpg overall. Quite impressed with this as it is a long time since I have had a petrol engine.

Now clocked up 1000 miles and first caravan tow is next month will be interesting to see mpg towing 1555kg of caravan!🙂

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