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2014 Forester Rear Spring Snapped


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Good afternoon All, I am new to this site and am starting with a biggie!  I have had our Forester since May 2015 and loved it since, she has only done 44k and been a great friend. I have always had her serviced by a main dealer. I have today just had the rear wheels off to check the brakes, as for the first time in her life I am contemplating doing the rear discs etc myself to save a bit of cash. Then i discovered that the r/o/s coil spring has snapped just about one loop from the base, all very rusty and yuk. I checked the www to see what I could find, only to discover what is described variously as a 'secret recall' or 'Customer Satisfaction' something or other that details that this Model has apparently been identified in the US, Canada and I believe other locations as having a fault with the rear coil springs snapping... So they are being replaced for free on the other side of the pond as I type. What I cannot locate is details or info of a similar arrangement here in the UK. Is is just me or have other members by chance come across this situation and is there an answwer I will prefer to the initial response from my dealer which involves nearly £500 bleeding from my bank account? My only other question is why are there so few of them on the road as they are brilliant (most of the time!)

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No such recall here in UK, a friendly main dealer may give a discounted price perhaps ! (it easy job)
Do see fair few snapped springs on SJ foresters but no big deal change them .

Certainly don't go paying £500 or even half that, you can buy a pair of whole complete strut assemblies for under £400 .
Aftermarket spring is roughly £50 (KYB), new OEM roughly 100 .
Fitting is hours labour but maybe another 30-45 minutes if bit of a rusty mess to deal with during disassembly.
Nothing complex & it bread & butter work we do daily .
No extra parts and it about 140 a side, some extra new bolt/bush parts and it could be 200+ a side .

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Thanks for the advice, Subaru UK have no stock at all of the springs... awaiting delivery date completely unknown! So,  going with an aftermarket alternative spring and shock prefitted combination. Fingers crossed. Did the rear discs and pads today as a warm up! Getting back into the swing of DIY after years paying the dealers to do it all ! 

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If original shocks in good order just get KYB springs (£90 a pair or less).
The original shocks are hydraulic self levelling and good quality so if good working order no point binning it for standard type shocks and upping the cost of job.
Don't be afraid of pulling the springs and refitting as it pretty easy as springs softer on the self levelling so not so hard compress .
Could even take parts to a local friendly garage to swap springs over and you refit assembled shock units .

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Hi Mr B, Me again. I did a fair bit of reading of the experiences in the USA and they appear to have had multiple occasions where within a few days of having had new springs fitted the original self levelling shocks have failed? I have to say this put me off the idea of just doing the springs as I just could not face doing it all twice! The shocks also appeared to possibly be expensive as well... I have sucessfully fitted new replacement units  consisting Shock and Spring already assembled for ease, apparently designed to directly replace the original equipment. Ride height restored by about 20mm at the rear and level each side! Ride is very good again and the brakes work as well! Cost was £440 for the rear suspension all in which way undercut the money Subaru main dealer wanted. I have also asked Subaru why the vehicle is recalled in Japan and subject to a silent recall in USA and Canada but nothing in the UK? Basically their response was bad luck... I have asked the details are forwarded to Subaru Technical in Japan and have the old units under the bench at home pending any developments.. I wont hold my breath. Thank you very much for your advice. If any one else out there is reading this in trepidation of having to change theirs, dont worry. Took us, (me and wife) 90 mins first side then 55 mins second on the drive at home. Don't forget to disconnect what appears to be the self levelling sensor on the r/n/s lower arm, otherwise, 5 wheel nuts and 2 lower arm connection bolts to get the space to undo the lower shock mounting bolt and  2 top nuts then remove the unit pushing the lower arm out of the way. Watch fingers on the spring loaded front ?torsion? bar! it bites!. Thanks again for your advice, restores my faith in human nature a bit. Cheers NIgel P

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