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Fluid capacities


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I've tried to search but can't find anything.  My car's just hit 50k so wanting to change all the fluids.  It's for an 05 WRX Wagon, if the wagon parts makes a difference.

My question is what grade and how much do I need for the oils, and what coolant and how much.  

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Hi mate 

it’s a good plan to have. Opie Oils is a good place to get all the fluids you need plus good advice on oil grade.

I used to put 5w40 in my 2001 stock wrx. It takes a little over 4L.

Diff oil is 1L and gearbox oil is 3.5 L if my memory serves me right. 75w90 for both.

I use the red coolant purely because it lasts longer. I can’t remember the capacity but I just got a 5L concentrate and added deionised water. I think it takes about 5L.

Dot 4.1 brake fluid is what you can normally use but I know some upgrade to dot 5.1 however it will need replacing sooner as it’s more hydroscopic.


 I hope that helps.



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Good question mate. Most will normally go for the black ‘JDM’ Subaru filter which you can find in various places except Opie Oils.

Import car parts stock the filters at a fair price and they also will stock the higher quality spark plugs too which are the NGK Platinum plugs. If you are running stock power you should just need the standard heat range.

Failing that, I would suggest a Mahle oil filter from Opie Oils with ngk spark plugs depending on your budget.

hope that helps.

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I was looking on Opie, but they don't stock them.  Under the k&n there's like 10 different ones.  I'll try get an OEM one from IPC.

It is stock power at the minute, but I plan on having it mapped back end of summer, so I was thinking would it be worth getting hotter plugs, or just change them again in a few months?  They're a pian to get to though aren't they?

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The plugs are awkward compared to other engines but they are possible to change relatively straightforward. There are some handy videos on YouTube about it.

If it’s running well at the moment I would wait until you get the remap and ask the tuner their advice, then it saves you some money and time.

Have you had it long?

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Might have to have a look.  It's running ok at the minute, does the whole rev hunting thing from time to time though, I think that's down to the fuel, could be wrong.  

Had it about a year, but not been driving for about 6 months, so it's over due a service anyway.

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