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  1. Wow that sounds like a really sound guy. It’s great to see it being done right too... even if the prep is a little scary
  2. Thanks mate I’ve ordered a new coil pack from ICP as it started to spark worse and it idled really rough.
  3. Hi everyone I was working on my 96 WRX at the weekend changing suspension (build thread will be coming) and as I was dropping the bonnet after I started the engine I noticed this: (picture attached) there seems to be slight arching. Does this mean that I need to replace the coil pack?? I appreciate your help in advance
  4. Great result! I’ve not tried Asperformance before. Are you going for a fast road setup? I spent some time scouring the threads for solving starting up issues. Great wealth of information that helped me to narrow down the issue to a faulty MAF connection.
  5. I have a Look Whiteline rear antiroll bar I no longer need. I will post some pictures later. I also have new tein lowering springs Both fit a gc8. I am open to offers but I was hoping to get £100 for each.
  6. I had to spend £150 for my version 3 o2 sensor being a WRX and not a turbo 2000 😬 Its only 2 years old however it’s helped it pass emissions both times.
  7. Nice work mate. I’m currently servicing my 96 WRX and found out that the pcv valve and breather pipes are a little knackered so I’ll be kept busy, at least I have a catch can to fit
  8. Great work, especially seeing the difference of cleaning up the rusty bolts. Some good suspension goodies
  9. What make are you thinking of getting?
  10. Love the car mate, they are brilliant. Is it a fresh import?
  11. I fitted some alloys I recently refurbished myself.
  12. It looks mint. Very nice 👍 mine is a version 3 wrx Is it your first classic?
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