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  1. New Subaru Impreza MY99 fuel filter

    Hi are there oil filters and fuel filter still for sale?
  2. New to forum, with a spec d

    Nice car mate. Andy Forrest is a great engine tuner/mapper. Also uprating the brakes could be something to think about.
  3. More stuff

    Hi mate. I can get a set of new ones for a fiver. Sorry.
  4. More stuff

    No problem, thanks for your time. Can I still get the pedal covers?
  5. More stuff

    Sorry for taking a while to get back to you. Here are some pics
  6. More stuff

    Ok, do you think it will fit my non turbo legacy 1999? I can message you my address to get an idea of postage if you like?
  7. More stuff

    Hi mate, is the rad for a turbo or non turbo? Also are the clutch and brake pedal covers still up for grabs?
  8. Under car treatment?

    I'll be using waxoyl on mine. It seems to be good stuff. Just make sure you use a power washer to clean off your area first. If you wanted to go all out you could use dinitrol.
  9. UK 300 - What is it worth ?

    You must be having more fun than me mate
  10. UK 300 - What is it worth ?

    29/30mpg how about yours?
  11. UK 300 - What is it worth ?

    Ok, but I have just replaced the clutch, rear crankshaft oil seal, driveshaft oil seals, fully adjustable rear lateral and camber arms, new discs and pads all round, new bearings, 4 new Michelin pilot sport 3 tyres and I've just serviced it with a JDM black oil filter and oil, fuel filter, cosworth panel filer, rear diff oil and gearbox oil.
  12. UK 300 - What is it worth ?

    Yeah that's true mate. I've waxoyled the inside of the offending arch and I will probably do the other arch too.
  13. UK 300 - What is it worth ?

    Yeah I think that it's better to sell it for slightly less than you want than to wait forever. What work needs to be done mate?
  14. UK 300 - What is it worth ?

    Yeah yours looks really nice mate.
  15. UK 300 - What is it worth ?

    Sorry I meant to add that I have so far received an offer of £4250 for it, just to give you an idea.