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Fast Idle issue 2004 impreza


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I was wondering if anyone can help with my 2004 Impreza. I recently took the throttle body off to clean it. Now when starting it idles high at 2500RPM and doesn't drop, I also have a trouble code P0519 for IACV performance.

I have checked the wiring all looks good and I have replaced the IACV. I've also replaced the gasket for IACV and throttle body.

I also can't find any vacuum leaks.

Any help would be massively appreciated!



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Hi Chris 

Sorry to hear you are having a bit of trouble. On my legacy I tried the throttle position sensor just to rule it out, but it sounds like your IACV isn’t closing. Was it brand new or second hand?

It might benefit from a good clean with brake cleaner and some pipe cleaners if it’s a used part.

I hope that’s of help.

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Hi David,


Thanks for the reply I have tried cleaning, but no luck. The IACV was a refurbished part (new gasket obviously).

Maybe TPS like your saying, but voltages don't look to far off.

I'm taking the Impreza to Triton Motorsport today to have a look, so fingers crossed.

Thanks again

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20 hours ago, David Wilkinson said:

Triton will definitely be able to sort it out, they have some great experience.

yeah they were really good. Turns out the refurbished part I got didn't work either 🙄 thanks for the help

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