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6 Speed manual EE20Z forester2009- GEARBOX / CENTRE DIFF ADVICE?


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Hi folks,


looking for best advice

my forester has had a hard life and been off the road for over a year till yesterday when it passed its MOT.

I have notice that on turning I am experiencing wheel wind up which I think is a sticky centre diff, possibly as it’s Sat so long.


my question is

1 what is best oil to flush out the manual gearbox? And then refill it?

2 what is the centre diff unit like to change on the car and what sort of cost for a new one?

3 would I be able to put in a better gearbox and rear diff matching but keep rest of my drive train without wiring issues etc for the car


any help would be great 👍 

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The centre diff is a viscous coupling sealed unit and flushing gearbox oil will make no difference to it .
new units for a 6 speed be around the £400 mark, the 6 speed is slightly harder replacement than a 5 speed box .

I would drive it around a bit and see if stays constant issue, do check all tyres are close match in wear and same model tyre, one of worst things you can do on these AWD viscous diff systems is run miss matched and off brand junky tyres ...

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