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Minor bumper damage worth repairing?

K Brown

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Hi all.

Unfortunately someone bumped into my car whilst I was stationary. There is now a tiny scuff on my rear bumper. See pictures attached. Do I claim on the insurance/ get it repaired or leave it? I have spoken to some garages and they have suggested replacing the whole bumper but I think that's a bit over thr top??

Thanks in advance!?hash=b8f34e9c1cd2584d1bad12976e64d12e

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I would say absolute waste of money/material resources replace/paint that, any aftermarket paint on plastic is far inferior to factory coated durability by a long shot ..
Your best bet on that is some top quality cutting paste to buff the scuff narks out best can and just move on with life.
Light grey/silver is one of most forgiving colours for scuffs and generally can improve massively with a good finishing compound .
Companies wanting to replace a bumper for that are just gouging easy money jobs not what best for customer or practicality/long term durability .

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