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2011 Impreza 2.5i

Changed air filter following very dusty music festival out of town.  
Engine code for MAF - reinserted MAF and cleared code. Restarted engine, no code, and began driving 400km back home. 
Engine would stall when slowing down or with clutch depressed - SCARY. 
Cleaned MAF in next town roughly 80km into drive. 
Ran fine for about three hours on the highway with no issues at lights or when slowing down. 
Made it to my home town; vehicle stalled at EVERY light. 
Got it home. 
Cleaned MAF like 6 times. 
Cleaned throttle plate. 
Cleaned EGR valve. 
Car ran great for two days. 
Drove  to the beach and parked for about 1 hour. 
Tried to start it - idle was ROUGH then it died. Tried again with putting some gas on it, gas pedal did !Removed! all. Died. 
Now it won't even turn over. 

Tried boosting vehicle - won’t turn over.


any ideas?? 

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