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Best used Subaru legacy year to buy.


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How's it going out there all you soobie lovers...

Now before you all abuse me, I searched the forum and came up with f#@k all.

Looking to buy my first Subaru, now I'm in a situation to afford one, Now... I don't want one with CVT it doesn't necessarily have to have a turbo but I would like a bit of that soobie sound... Doesn't have to be sti level rumble. I'm thinking maybe between 2006 and 2009 or can I go even earlier and why?

If anyone can chuck us some input on these older models I'd be really greatfull.

Now I'll just sit back and wait for you all to tell me I'm a noob and how stupid I am. 😃 

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The best component quality and factory build effort was 1998 to 2005 roughly .
besides better longevity of things like suspension due to both part quality the engineering choices you also benefit from less emission garbage that nothing but endless warning lights once aged plus common parts are cheap even for oem quality on earlier cars .
Road tax likely better too pre 2005 and your insurance won't have be stupid expensive on fairly low value vehicle .
Forget the 2.5 unless stumbled on something absolute too good overlook and aim for the EZ engines as they are a gem in durability and offer good performance for vehicle size .
You may want look at Outback too if that sort of vehicle practicality any advantage to you .
On older cars main thing be thorough on is rust and you need truly look hard save any expensive mistakes

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