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Tyres for Forester XT


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Hi, I have just had 2 new front tyres and as I could not get the original Bridgestone Dueller H/T I replaced them with Bridgestone T005.

Even after alignment the car was pulling over to the left and the garage changed the back 2 original tyres to the front and this solved the problem! 

Does anyone know of this issue and does it mean all 4 tyres have to be identical?  

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I think the official Subaru position for their AWD vehicles is that the tyre makes and models should be the same on all four wheels and have near matching tread depths.  That's a right pain when we cop an unrepairable puncture on a part worn tyre as the whole set have to be replaced ££££££!  My understanding is that the Subaru permanent 4x4 system is very sensitive to differences and that issues can occur with transmission problems. It's one of this issues I was aware of when I decided to go the Subaru route.

I'm sure there are some people who say that all of this is rubbish and they've run their Subaru for 1000s miles with different tyres and no issues.

You pays your money, or not, and makes your choice.

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