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anyone to comment on their 2021 or 2022 Forester ?

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I think there are some issues with the hybrid Forester.

My own brief experience driving one for the day as a courtesy car while my Outback was being serviced; posted

I had a Forester hybrid (less than 1000 miles on the clock) for a whole day in December while my Outback was in for a service.  I agree, the Forester was ponderous when moving off from junctions and felt really heavy.  I also couldn't seem to find a way to permanently disable the lane centring assist, or the auto stop-start.  It was a Sport trim, and had a very dark interior compared to the sunroof lit Outback.  Fuel economy wasn't anything different either, and the small petrol tank limits the range.  I think Subaru hybrids might work in a city, but for rural driving I can't see the point of lugging all that heavy Battery equipment around for no extra benefit.  And why would you want one in a city anyway? Also, a major deal breaker for me is the lack of space to put a full-size spare, or any spare into. Ridiculous for a so-called 4x4.

James_AU replied 

Justin, 100%. I am very disappointed with my Forester. I have a sunroof in mine, so it is lighter inside, but everything else you are spot on with!

The size of the interior is great, much larger than my Outback (and I am 6ft4, so the extra head room in the Forester is GREAT!), lack of spare tire, horrible(!) fuel efficiency, automatic features that will not be quiet, yeah, all things that get to me too.

I am thinking about letting this Forester go, and see what else is on the market. I love the idea of EV/Hybrid, but not when it costs me so much to get this one.



However, that's just our opinion and bear in mind often people don't post if they're happy with their cars!  

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